When to Buy Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you want coverage for a specific period of time or a specific break, consider buying single trip travel insurance. This is ideal for those who rarely travel out for vacations or holiday. The one more reason why it is popular with many people is that it is very cheap as compared to annual travel insurance.

The type of insurance always depends on the frequency of traveling. If you’re a frequent travel, having journey cover for the entire year is a must to cover all your risks. But if you travel rarely, it is better to buy single trip insurance rather than not buying insurance.

Some people avoid buying journey cover thinking they don’t need it as they travel just once or twice a year. What’s there in store for you, no one knows. What can happen and when, this is beyond human imagination. To keep yourself safe and secure, covering your risk just for 5-10 percent of your total vacation investment is not too much. Rather, it is wise to transfer your journey risks to insurers. Some of single trip policies also offer life insurance and evacuation insurance.

Single trip policies cover only one trip or vacation. They offer almost the same advantages as annual insurance policies would give. The only difference is that the former provide coverage for a particular trip while latter covers the risk all through the year.

Single trip insurance cover includes loss caused due to flight delay, trip cancellation, flight cancellation due to rotten weather, any mishap such as excessive body ache, fever, accident, broken bones, medical emergencies, treatment and medication expenses, doctor’s fee, ambulance expenses, etc. But all these benefits are limited to a single trip. If something didn’t misshapen and it did not come in use, the policy gets expired and can not used again if you plan your travel for the second time.

If you think that buying insurance before traveling is a sheer wastage of money, you need to reconsider. Just imagine what would you do when you lose all your money or luggage while traveling and especially when you’re overseas. It is not at all wastage of money rather protects you and allows you to travel with complete peace of mind.